Building loan calculator: Find the best building loan!

In order to inform you optimally about the search with an online building loan calculator, we have worked out a good overview with our financial editors and experienced experts. If you also want to read more about the topic or are interested in special aspects, you can find our extensive guide under the home loan calculator comparison. Find the best home loan calculator now and apply for your loan conveniently and directly online!

The home loan calculator at a glance

The home loan calculator at a glance

  • Maximum number of comparable offers: Not only banks and savings banks are sufficient today, but insurance companies are also offering very good offers. The home loan calculator guarantees you a wide range of comparison options.
  • Do you have a good to very good credit rating? Then the building loan calculator is just right for you, because you receive the offers quickly and easily.
  • Use your existing equity to influence the amount of the building loan and draw up cheaper offers.
  • Vary the term of your loan individually with the best home loan calculator.
  • Supplement your calculations with government funding. The building loan calculator makes it possible.

Anyone looking for a cheap building loan quickly knows that it takes time. Most will make an appointment with your house bank, but a comparison often shows that it is cheaper. Building loan calculators are a real alternative because the searcher receives the required offers quickly and comprehensively, which he can use for a comparison. Building loan calculator tests complement the search for a suitable building loan with reliable test reports.

What can be requested about the best home loan calculator?

What can be requested about the best home loan calculator?

A building loan is always earmarked. So it will only be used for new construction, conversion or purchase of a property. Some banks also offer exceptions, of course, and they also guarantee modernization or restructuring measures. With the construction loan calculator, you can request all the loans you need for the specified purposes – conveniently, easily, online.

Apply for the best building loan – how it works

building loan - how it works

Enter the values ​​for the required loan amount, the desired interest rates as well as the repayment rate and an amount for the possible special repayment and you will receive a large number of non-binding offers from various banks quickly and free of charge.

The result of the comparison is displayed in a clear tabular form and immediately contains a repayment plan. Offers that you are shortlisted can be requested directly from the provider with a click.

Now it depends on the bank whether you make your own individual design online, by telephone or in a direct appointment before you can finally apply for the building loan.

The best mortgage calculator – which criteria are still important?

The best mortgage calculator - which criteria are still important?

  • Start your planning with the exact determination of your financial needs and your individual financial possibilities. Our checklist helps you not to forget anything and to determine your personal budget exactly. This is how you start the final discussion with the advising bank in the best possible way.
  • Consider in advance how much of your own contribution can contribute in the form of own work or equity. The more, the cheaper the building loan becomes and you are debt-free again faster. A mortgage without equity has a high interest rate.
  • Consider how you want to secure your credit in the event of unemployment or illness or how you want to protect your family in the event of death from the predicament that may arise. The offering bank will be happy to help you find suitable insurance. But there are also huge differences here. The best home loan calculator helps with the comparison.
  • Agree on precise arrangements in the event that you may not need the loan or call it later than planned, would like to make special repayments or maybe even want to increase your credit.
  • Think about whether state funding is possible for your individual construction project. The best home loan calculator helps you optimize your home loan.


Building loans are diverse and equipped with many individual regulations. The offers are therefore completely confusing without a corresponding comparison. Only every consumer can find out which building loan to apply for by comparing it with the best building loan calculator. A building loan calculator test does a lot of work for you by examining the best building loan calculator online.

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