Block the credit card if it is lost or stolen

Most people have at least one credit card, which they use to pay regularly. This payment option is not only popular on vacation, but also in everyday life. In addition, most credit cards have a credit line that can be used even if the bank account was actually empty. In the event of theft or loss, this can be a problem. For this reason, you must block the credit card as soon as you realize that it is no longer in your possession. It doesn’t matter whether you lost the card or it was stolen. Locking the credit card is now the be-all and end-all.


How it works – block credit card

How it works - block credit card

At first, the shock is certainly great when you find that the credit card is no longer there. Then you shouldn’t despair under any circumstances, you have to act sooner. After all, the thief could be using the credit card and clearing the account. You have to block the credit card, this is the only way to prevent a high loss. To block the credit card, you must contact the provider. The barred numbers differ depending on the bank. However, it is necessary for the card-issuing bank to participate in this service. The uniform emergency number immediately takes care that the credit card is blocked. This happens either directly or in the form of a forwarding to a corresponding blocking acceptance. In any case, the process is kept as simple as possible.


Block important tips on credit card

Make a note of who you spoke to and at what time during the call to the blocking hotline. This may be relevant when there is damage. From the moment you have the credit card blocked, you are no longer liable for the misuse of the card. If there are any inconsistencies at this point, it is an advantage if you can prove it when you had the credit card blocked. Afterwards, it is also particularly important that you report theft to the police. To do this, you have to be really sure that you haven’t lost your credit card. The notification does not take long, but is again of great importance for liability.


Block credit cards from abroad

credit cards from abroad

Abroad, it can quickly happen that you fall victim to a pickpocket. You can also block your credit card from abroad by dialing the emergency number. Otherwise there is no difficulty with the correct area code. If necessary, there is certainly a contact person in your hotel who will help you find the right area code. But don’t let time pass, especially abroad. Block the credit card as soon as possible so that financial damage can be avoided. Thieves are quite smart and know that they have to hurry up.


Block credit card – and then?

Block credit card - and then?

Once you have the credit card blocked and the police informed of theft, basically everything is done. Most of the time you don’t have to worry. Liability is limited to 150 euros anyway. If you have the credit card blocked quickly, it can often not be assumed that thieves have caused a great deal of damage. And by blocking you are on the safe side. After that, it is not bad to discuss how to proceed with the bank. In most cases, a replacement card will be sent to you as soon as you have the credit card blocked. There are sometimes fees for this, but they are manageable.

You can then use your credit card as you are used to. If there are still unwanted debits or difficulties, the bank will contact you and clarify everything that is not obvious.


Not being blocked can have consequences

credit cards

It can happen that in the heat of the moment you leave your credit card behind, lose it or no longer know where it is. Most people are embarrassed. They suppress the fact and make a big mistake: they do not have the credit card blocked. And that can have dire consequences. After all, it is possible for someone to find the credit card and use it. This will result in debits that you did not cause, but for which you are fully liable. That is why experts advise that the credit card should always be blocked. Even if you just lost your card or wallet. It would be far too dangerous to wait to find the credit card again. A lot can happen during this time – at your expense.

If you are sure that you have lost your credit card, proceed in the same way as for theft. Contact the bank and have your credit card blocked as a precaution. Please let the staff know that this is a loss and not a theft. It may then be possible to activate the card again, should you find it again. Most financial institutions will send you a new credit card. This is an advantage anyway, because you can be sure that there will be no damage. When it comes to loss or theft, time really matters. Do not think long and have your credit card blocked as soon as it is no longer in your possession.


Sending a new card sometimes results in low fees

Sending a new card sometimes results in low fees

But compared to the financial damage a thief can do, it’s actually easy to get over. You should make provisions so that you can always have your credit card blocked quickly in case of doubt. Always carry your bank number with you. There are usually special numbers that are only there to have the credit card blocked. Make a note of this number on your cell phone, a click is all it takes and you can have your credit card blocked in an emergency in a matter of seconds.

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